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Geschrieben von Pinki am 02.09.2011 um 10:08:

  RE: 4 hohe Polizisten werden bei Durres erschossen

Der 50 jährige Polizist Zabit Caka, Vater von 5 Kindern, wurde bei einer wilden Schiesserei bei der Klein Stadt Peqin erschossen.

Eine Bande, rund um Luan Tabaku, war auf der tradionellen Plünderungs Tour, und wollte einen Strom Transformator stehlen (Elektrik Sabotage gegen die Bevölkerung von Peqin) und als die Polizei kam, entwickelte sich eine wilde Schiesserei zwischen den Banditen, welche AK-47 benutzen.

Der Täter Luan Tabaku aus der Ortschaft Shezë, brachte sich anschliessend selbst um, die Anderen flohen.

02 Shtator 2011 - 03:37 | Shqiperi

Peqin, vritet polici gjatë një vjedhje, grabitësi vetëvritet

PEQIN ? Në orët e vona të mbrëmjes në fshatin e Pajovës një tentativë vjedhje ka shkaktuar një kasaphanë.

Disa persona kanë tentuar të vjedhin një transformator në një kabinë elektrike. Policia, që ka arritur në vengjarje është përpjekur t'i kapë në flagrancë grabitësit, por është gjendur në një ferr të vërtet mes breshërive të automatikut të grabitësve.

Pas një shkëmbimi zjarri ndërmjet forcave të policisë dhe grabitësve ka mbetur i vdekur në vend efektivi i forcave blu Zabit Caka. 50-vjecari Caka ishte banor i qytetit të Peqinit.

Pasi ka ka vrarë policin, autori i krimit 40-vjecari Luan Tabaku banor i fshatit Shezë është vetëvrarë.

Pjesa tjetër e grabitësve kanë arritur të largohen. Forca të shumta të policisë janë mbledhur në vendngjarje dhe kanë filluar hetimet mbi identitetin e autorëve të krimit.

Pas shkëmbimit të zjarrit në vendngjarje është gjetur makina e grabitësit Luan Tabaku dhe një automatik tip kallashnikov.

Nga hetimet paraprake policia bënë me dije se Tabaku ëhtë peron me preceddentë penal në Itali dhe në Shqipëri.

Geschrieben von Zogaj Leku am 02.09.2011 um 19:21:


Nichts Neues!

USA: Kulicaj, crime connections
02/09/2011 15:10

USA: Kulicaj, crime connections
The promotion of Hysni Burgaj as General Chief of the Albanian Police and the changes he undertook only one week after taking duty, by replacing almost every police chief in Albania, has been treated in a US Embassy cable that was published on Wikileaks.

?The surprising changes in the Police show that he is untouchable?, says the title of the cable sent on 25 November 2009, referring to the promotion of Agron Kulicaj. The sudden changes in the police, even to that of the Albanian Border, have been criticized by international donators, such as PAMECA, which had trained the police agents that were discharged.

Some of the donators believe that the changes were in full accordance with the rules, but they expressed their concern for the Director of Intelligence, Agron Kulicaj, who remained immune to Burgaj?s changes. Quoting other sources, the US Embassy says that Mr. Kulicaj is corrupted and the international donators had refused to help the Albanian Police when he was on charge.

The writer of this cable underlines that Ambassador Withers has expressed his concern for the corruption in the highest ranks of the Albanian Police, including even the Interior Minsiter Lulzim Basha, quoting the concerns of ICITAP regarding Mr. Kulicaj and the Police Chief, Hysni Burgaj. But Burgaj had declared that Kulicaj had strong ties with the Prime Minister Berisha, and every attempt for removing or transferring him should come from the Prime Minister himself.

The cable has other scandalous details, if they are true, for high rank police leaders such as Mr. Kulicaj.

?We have reasons to believe, same as other US Intelligence Agencies, that Kulicaj?s corruptive practices are known by now, but there are voices in the Police who say that Kulicaj himself has helped Dritan Dajti to escape from the Police operations that aimed to arrest him.?

Quoting sources from the Albanian Police, the US Embassy has transmitted their concern for Kulicaj to the US State Department, saying that the police undertook the operation for arresting Dritan Dajti in August, exactly when Kulicaj were outside Albania, leaving him no chances to help him escape?.

The concluding comment of ambassador Withers in this cable shows the difficult position of the Police Chief in front of his dependent Agron Kulicaj:

?Burgaj declared that he has his own problems with Kulicaj and others who have been suspected for corruption and connections with the organized crime. Mr. Burgaj has been intimidated by Kulicaj, since he has close relations to the Prime Minister, as his former bodyguard. Burgaj suggested that the concerns of the US Embassy for Kulicaj should be presented to the Prime Minister Berisha, who is the only one who can decide where his former bodyguard should work?.

Agron Kulicaj, = Salih Berisha! identisch wie es mit Mördern von Azem Hajdari schon war, welche Leibwächter bei Salih Berisha waren.

Gangster Syndikate pure.

TV heute

Wikileaks Original!
09TIRANA755 2009-11-25 07:31 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Tirana


C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 TIRANA 000755 SIPDIS STATE PASS TO EUR/SCE:JISMAIL, INL/RM:JWALSH, INL/AAE:SLOGAN JUSTICE PASS TO NICK ACKERS E.O. 12958: DECL: 11/25/2019 TAGS: PGOV SOCI KCOR PINS AL SUBJECT: SUPRISE POLICE SHAKEUP REVEALS AN ?UNTOUCHABLE? Classified By: Ambassador John L. Withers for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d) ¶1. © Summary. After only one week in power, newly appointed General Director of the State Police Hysni Burgaj announced reassignments of almost all regional and functional police directors. Two weeks later, Burgaj made similar staff changes in the Border Police. While the speed of the shakeup took critics and international donors by surprise, Post agrees with the European Union Police Assistance Mission PAMECA?s assessment that the changes were in compliance with regulations and Post?s ICITAP believes many are positive moves. However, Post remains concerned about the Director of Intelligence, Agron Kulicaj, who was not moved in the shakeup. Sources claim Kulicaj is corrupt and international donors refuse to assist the Albanian Police due in part to his presence. The Ambassador has expressed our concern over corruption in the senior ranks of the State Police in general to Minister of Interior Basha, and Post?s ICITAP has expressed our specific concerns about Kulicaj to Burgaj. Burgaj has noted that Kulicaj is closely connected to Prime Minister Berisha, and any attempt to dismiss or reassign him must come from the PM?s office. End Summary. WIDESPREAD SHAKEUP ASSESSED POSITIVELTY ????????????? ¶2. (SBU) On October 29, Burgaj was appointed by the Council of Ministers to replace Ahmet Prenci. It is widely rumored that although Prenci offered his resignation due to health concerns, in reality he took the fall over police mishandling of the arrest of organized crime figure Dritan Dajti in August. Burgaj was previously Prenci?s deputy and enjoys a good reputation. To date, Post has been pleased with Burgaj?s performance. Shortly after his appointment, Burgaj indicated to Post his intention to make sweeping personnel changes in the Albanian State Police (ASP). ¶3. (SBU) While the speed of Burgaj?s announced changes was surprising, the changes have been assessed positively and have been in compliance with regulations in the Police Law. A concern reported by PAMECA is that normally, dismissed or reassigned officers should be given 30 day?s notice, but PAMECA?s report went on to say ?practice in many UK forces would not be dissimilar after the appointment of a new Chief Constable, so PAMECA?s response has been a balanced one.? The moves have been reassignments rather than dismissals and have been assessed positively by both ICITAP and PAMECA. ICITAP has not cited any of the proposed moves as having a negative impact to date. ¶4. (SBU) The UK Embassy raised initial concern over the reassignment of Arjan Muca from the directorate of organized crime to be an advisor to Burgaj. British concerns stem from the substantial investment the EU had made in the organized crime directorate that they felt would be lost in the dismissal. However, after further deliberation, the EU concluded that historical knowledge and training will remain intact in the capacity of the staff. ICITAP believes Muca?s reassignment is beneficial as Muca has been opposed to information-sharing with the Border Police. CONTINUED CONCERNS OVER KULICAJ ??????????- ¶5. © One director that was not touched in the shakeup was Agron Kulicaj, Director of Intelligence in the ASP, who is widely believed to be corrupt. Sources have told post that several European donors refuse to get involved in police assistance partly due to Kulicaj?s presence. We have reason to believe this may be true of some U.S. agencies also. Not only are Kulicaj?s corrupt practices well-known, there are rumors that he may have been involved in the debacle that unfolded around the arrest of organizd crime figure Dritan Dajti in August, when Dajti was tipped off and several police officers died in the consequent shoot-out. Some in the police believe that Kulicaj may have assisted Dajti to escape previous arrest attempts. According to police sources, senior police officials decided to move against Dajti in August of this year because Kulicaj was out of Albania at the time and supposedly unable to tip off Dajti. ¶6. © The Ambassador has shared with Minister Basha our concerns about corruption in the senior levels of the ASP. Last week, ICITAP spoke with ASP General Director Burgaj about our specific concerns with Kulicaj. Burgaj concurred, noting that he has had his own problems with Kulicaj and that TIRANA 00000755 002 OF 002 others in the police are concerned with his alleged involtement in corrupt)on afd links to organized criminalc. How%v%r, Qurgaj noted that he does not have the power to transfer or dismiss Kulicaj. Burgaj intimated that this was due to Kulicaj?s close t)es to PM Berisha, for whom he used to be a bodyg%ard. Burgaj suggested that if the Embassy was c/ncerned, the Ambassador should raise the specific matter of Kulicaj with Berisha, as only he can make decisions about Kulicaj?s assignment. WITHERS

Geschrieben von lupo am 04.09.2011 um 08:53:


Kulicaj, ist direkt schon in die grossen Betrügereien, rund um die Chrom Lizenzen verwickelt und war SChutzherr von Beluga, dem Staatsekretär von Dritan Prifti, vor 10 Jahren, der ja vor 2 Jahren verhaftet wurde. Vor allem organisierte er den Treibstoff Schmuggel. Altes Schema, live erlebt.

Tankwagen (oder andere LKW's) fahren mit Polizei Begleitung aus dem Hafen von Durres, ohne Zoll und das wird u.a. im Restaurant Aragosta - Durres dann im Detail abgestimmt. Dritan Dajti, war wie einige Hunderte Gestalten aus der OK, rund um Lefter und Nard Koka, wie "Lul" Berisha an dem Politischen Schema des Schmuggels beteiligt.

Die Kerle regen sich total auf, vor allem Sokol Olldashi, weil er in weitere cables, mit Lulzim Basha, Enkeled Alibeaj, Lefter Koca, Tom Dohsi, Paulin Sterkaj, Gramoz Ruci, als Top Verbrecher im Albanischen Parlament geoutet wird.

über die Gangster im Parlament, nett anzusehen, wenn man auch kein Albanisch versteht.

Man hat prominentse Mörder und Verbrecher frei gelassen, wo man im Gegenzug finanzielle Wahlkampf Hilfe erhielt, wie ?Ben Qimja? oder Fatmir Kajollin! und erhielt wie bei "Ben Qjmja", nur 300.000 ? Wahlkampf Hilfe, + Familien Unterstützung des grossen Clans in Fiere, in 2009, für die Parlaments Wahlen.

Kommentar: man hört ja täglich Kommentare im TV und live vor Ort sowieso, das es keine Polizei mehr gibt.

Die nehmen zur Show, nur noch die Morde auf (macht Grenz Kontrollen) , ansonsten kümmert man sich vor allem die eigenen Geschäfte, wie illegale Landnahme und bauen, was ab 1997, vor aller Augen ebenso ablief.

Schwer im Bau Geschäft, grosse Immobilien Vermögen direkt rund ums neue Museum in Durres: Sokol Olldashi, Lefter Koca u.a. und natürlich auch Spartak Braho.

Aus den Wikileaks cables, geht hervor, das die Amerikaner die Hilfe Stellung im technischen Bereiche, deswegen schon vor 2 Jahren erheblich einschränkten, weil man nur eine Mafia aufbaute.

Geschrieben von lupo am 10.11.2011 um 14:40:

  RE: 4 hohe Polizisten werden bei Durres erschossen

Izwischen werden Polizei Zeugen, welche die Operations damals organisierten bedroht. So dreist sind diese Verbrecher heute vor Gericht und nicht nur in diesem Falle.

Die wahren Hintermänner, sind die sogenannten Geschäftsleute in Durres, heute auch verbunden mit der Durres Polizei Spitze erneut und welche im Rathaus und in der sogenannten Präfektur sitzen.

Die Namen sind allgemein bekannt, wer die Partner des Dritan Dajti sind und waren und immer dabei: die berüchtigsten Mafia Baufirmen, als Geld Wasch Anlage. in Durres.

Masakra e 7 gushtit, Dajti kërcënon prokurorin

Dritan Dajti, personi i akuzuar për vrasjen e katër punonjësve të Policisë së Shtetit më 7 gusht 2009, ka kërcënuar dje prokurorin e çështjes, Eugen Beçi, gjatë zhvillimit të seancës gjyqësore. Pas këtij episodi, gjykata ka urdhëruar nxjerrjen nga salla të të pandehurve Dajti dhe Xhoxhi. Burime nga gjykata thanë se gjithçka ka ndodhur dje rreth në orën 16:00, kur po pyetej para togave të zeza Arjan Muça, ish-drejtori i hetimit të krimit të organizuar, njëherazi shefi i operacionit për arrestimin e Dajtit, tashmë me detyrën e këshilltarit të Drejtorit të Përgjithshëm të Policisë. Në fillim të seancës, gjykata i kërkoi Dajtit të mos bëjë pyetje që nuk kanë lidhje me hetimin. Pas përsëritjes së pyetjeve nga i pandehuri, gjykata i ndërpreu fjalën. Pas kësaj, gjykata iu drejtua të pandehurit tjetër, Xhoxhi, nëse ka pyetje. Në këtë kohë, Dajti i kalon fletoren ku kishte përgatitur pyetjet për Muçën. Prokurori ka kërkoi nga gjykata që të mos lejojë Xhoxhin të bëjë pyetje bazuar në fletoren e Dajtit. Kërkesa u pranua, duke bërë që Dajti të acarohet të kërcënojë në sallën e gjyqit prokurorin Beçi.

Një ditë më parë, një tjetër prokuror i Krimeve të Rënda është kërcënuar në sallën e gjyqit. Anton Martini, në momentin që po lexonte konkluzionet për të pandehurit e të ashtuquajturës ?Bandës së Mirditës?, u kërcënua nga Nikollë Syziu me fjalët: ?Qoftë i madh Zoti te kalamajtë e tu, ta shof drejtësinë. Tjetër s?kam ç?të të them unë ty?. Prokurori iu përgjigj se nuk kishte frikë nga mallkimet e tij.

Geschrieben von lupo am 07.12.2011 um 18:29:

  RE: 4 hohe Polizisten werden bei Durres erschossen

Unglaublich das er nun behauptet, das er nie auf die Polizisten geschossen hat, oder ist es das Albanische Syndrom: man vergisst einfach Alles, inklusive als Richter, Staatsanwalt, Minister und Premier Minister das es Gesetze gibt.

Ausserdem ist das Telefon von Dritan Dajti verschwunden, ebenso fehlt bis heute die Telefon Liste, mit welchen Personen er an diesem Tage sprach. Agron Kulicaj, hat Dritan Dajti, als 2. höchster Polizist vor einer Verhaftung gewarnt.

Video der Gerichts Verhandlung

Auf jeden Fall läuft Alles sehr Albanisch, das der Stadt bekannte Gangster von Durres, mit mächtigen Partnern, wie Lul Berisha, Dashamir Gjoka, Hasanbeliu, Spartak Braho, Agim Hoxha, auch noch frei kommt. Und wie bewiesen, lt. Sokol Kociu, ist es ein Unde Capo, des Sokol Kociu, Frederic Durda Kartells der Party Demontraktika des Salih Berisha gewesen.

Dajti: I didn?t fire to the policemen

After the prosecution interrogated behind closed doors the special units and their chiefs who were involved in the arrest of Dritan Dajti, more than two years ago, the defendant used their declarations to defend himself against the accusation of killing four policemen and one civilian.

Dajti denied being the one who killed the policemen Fatos Xhani, Saimir Duckollari, Altin Dizdari and Kastriot Feskaj, referring to the declarations of their colleagues.

?The police officers declared that they didn?t see who shot their colleagues. None of them declared that I was the one who fired against them. One of them also declared that the civilian was killed after I had gone down, which means that I am not the one who shot them?.

Dajti insisted that the prosecutors took the declarations behind closed doors, and this is illegal and should be made public.

Dajti reminded the court the testimony of the police official, who said that Dajti had been under surveillance before getting arrested, but the recorded phone conversations have disappeared.

Dritan Dajti accused the investigators by saying that his gun was not seized and investigated on the scene, but in the offices, and that the court refused to record the process in audio, although the Court of Serious Crimes has the system installed.

The defendant was not allowed to read his declaration to the end, with the argument that he was deriving from the core of the case.

Geschrieben von lupo am 08.12.2011 um 19:33:

  RE: 4 hohe Polizisten werden bei Durres erschossen

Es dürfte sehr leicht sein, Informationen in Tirana zubekommen, ob Dorian Muca, zur Polizei Mafia des Salih Berisha gehört, oder eben nicht. Auf jeden Fall gibt es eine sehr kriminelle Familie Muca, welche oft in Sachen Geldwäsche, Betrug, in der Adminstration der Regierung auftaucht. Eine Überwachungs Kamera filmte die Person, welche den Sprengstoff anbrachte. Ein anderer Polizei Direktor Muca, war auch Anti Mafia Chef in Durres, als es um die Morde zu den 4 Polizisten kam.

Heute sagten Polizisten aus, das Selbige nicht sahen, wer die 4 Polizisten erschossen hatte. Die Sache nimmt einen Albanischen Lauf. Das das Handy verschwand, ist mehr wie peinlich!
In einer Albanischen Ausgabe, werden Gerichts Sachen gezeigt und erwähnt, das 9 Geschäftsleute ein Bussgeld erhalten haben, weil sie mit Dritan Dajti zusammen arbeiteten. Kurz gesagt, die komplette Durres Mafia Prominenz.

Das unter Fatos Nano, Ilir Meta, und Salih Berisha schon früher die Polizei ein krimineller Sauhaufen ist, kann man leicht erfahren in Albanien: vollkommen korrupt, dumm, inkomptent wie fast alle Staats Diener inzwischen.

Muster Beispiel aktuell rund um die Salih Berisha / Ilir Meta Bande:

Maritime Anti-smuggling Unit in Vlore, Arian Daci = Interior Ministry under investigation?

Unverändert erzählen ja die Einwohner in Albanien auch in diesem TV Betrag, das es keinen Staat gibt ? aber kriminelle Banden der Politik, Regierung, Polizei, und Adminstration! So schlimm war es im Terroristen Staat Albanien noch nie.

Bomb at vice Chief of Police apartment

A bomb blew up at the home of the Tirana Vice Chief of Police, Dorian Muca.

The considerable amount of dynamite destroyed the apartment door, fortunately without hurting any person. The police declared that the street cameras have been able to record the author of this crime.

Police declared that the author had covered his face, and his identity cannot be seen yet. He has moved to the apartment building of the Muca family and then has left.

The explosion took place a few minutes later. The police says that the attak is related with his job. Dorian Muca covers the Crime Prevention and Investigation at the Tirana District.

The explosion has also caused damages to the other apartments of the building, almost all their doors. The head of the Tirana Police lives there with his wife and two children, who are still shocked.

The Interior Minister, Bujar Nishani, held a meeting with the Chief of Tirana Police. Although there were no official press release, Top News sources declared that Nishani was updated with the situation.

Geschrieben von Balkansurfer am 15.12.2011 um 12:49:


Das Gericht bestimmte die Anwältin Valentina Teodoreska, als Pflicht Verteidigerin für Dritan Dajti, weil seine bisherigen Anwälte nicht vor Gerichte erschienen (wahrscheinlich System Prozess Verzögerung)

Geschrieben von lupo am 16.12.2011 um 16:35:

  RE: 4 hohe Polizisten werden bei Durres erschossen

Diese Medien, welche mit den Amerikaner verbunden sind, besitzt eine Kopie eines Schreibens des 2. höchsten Polizisten von Albanien: Agron Kulicaj, vom 10.10.2010 Protokoll Nummer: 3449 (Original Brief als pdf dokument), worin Agron Kulicaj das Gericht auffordert, den Prozess hinter verschlossenen Türen zuführen und damals waren die wikileaks cables über Agron Kulicaj, noch nicht bekannt, welche ausdrücklich die Verbindung zu Dritan Dajti und den Betrugs und Mafia Geschäftsleuten in Durres offenlegte.
Man wirft inzwischen dem Innenminister Bujar Nishani vor, gezielt die Wahrheit, vor allem über Beteiligte und die Hintermänner und Geschäftspartner des Dritan Dajti zuverschleiern, was aber leicht erklärbar ist, wenn man die Verbindungen des Salih Berisha, mit der uralt Drogen Mafia kennt.

(Creation date: 14 May 2011 09:39:00
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Dritan Dajti, zbulohet urdhëri
sekret i Agron Kuliçajt

Të tjera rreth shkrimit
Reagon Policia e Shtetit
PDF, faqja e parë e gazetës
TIRANE- Më shumë se një vit më parë, zv.drejtori i Përgjithshëm i Policisë së Shtetit Agron Kuliçaj ka firmosur një shkresë për Gjykatën e Krimeve të Rënda, të shkallës së Parë dhe Prokurorisë së Krimeve të rënda, ku i kërkon që në gjykimin e shtetasit Dritan Dajti, i akuzuar nga policia për vrasjen e 4 policëve në gushtin e vitit 2009, të mos kishte jo vetëm prezencë të medias, por as të familjarëve të viktimave apo edhe të të pandehurve., disponon letrën e cila në fakt nuk është firmosur nga Drejtori i Përgjithshëm i Policisë së Shtetit, Hysni Burgaj, por nga zëvendësi i tij, Agron Kuliçaj. ??Duam t?ju sjellim në vëmendje se, nisur nga profili i punës së punonjësve të policisë të thirrur në këtë proces gjyqësor si dhe detyra që ata kryejnë aktualisht nga ana jonë sugjerohet që seanca gjyqësore në të cilën do të dëshmojnë punonjësit e policisë, të zhvillohet me dyer të mbyllura dhe të përjashtohet pjesmarrja e gazetarëve të mëdiave të shkruara dhe vizive, si dhe e familjarëve të të gjithë palëve në proces? shkruan Kuliçaj në letrën e tij drejtuar Gjykatës dhe Prokurorisë, dokument që mban datën 12 tetor 2010, me numër protokolli 3449.


Verscheliern, vertuschen, ablenken und die Albaner haben auch bemerkt, das grosse ausländische Hilfen wegfielen.
Të (mos) gënjesh veten

? botoi dje një material, për të cilin, është e rëndësishme të thuhet, se e kanë patur disa redaksi gazetash prej kohësh dhe që të gjitha pa përjashtim kanë refuzuar ta botojnë. Edhe pse bëhet fjalë për një implikim të rëndë, që bëhet pas një masakre të pashembullt ndaj Policisë së Shtetit, ndaj katër heronjve të saj, për të cilët, që në momentet e para pas vrasjes, u tha se ishin shitur nga ?lart?.

? nuk iu kthye akuzave, që deri tani janë thjesht ?fjalë në erë?, por solli një material, për të faktuar që procesi ndaj vrasësit të atyre 4 policëve, sipas policisë duhet të bëhej jashtë syrit të publikut.

Policia dje merrej me lojëra fjalësh, se nuk ishte urdhër, por një sugjerim, pa arritur të mohojë se një sugjerim i tillë është bërë vërtetë nga Policia. Nëse do donte të ishte transparente duhet të ishte e interesuara e parë që gjyqi të bëhej i hapur, siç u bë hapur dhe live, në sytë e qindra pushuesve në plazhin e Durrësit, vrasja e shumëfishtë. Me këtë rast ajo hiqte edhe merakun e ?fjalëve në erë? që u thanë për dekonspirimin e aksionit të policëve të vrarë.

Policia e Shtetit duhet të tregohet e sinqertë dhe të mos bëjë lojë të dyfishtë: nga njëra anë të tregojë se kërkon të respektojë drejtësinë dhe nga ana tjetër duke kërkuar kompetencat hetimore të prokurorisë, pushtete të ndara me kushtetutë. Asaj duhet t?i vijë turp që ishte vegla e qeverisë në pengimin e hetimeve të masakrës së 21 janarit, apo në disa vrasje me sfond politik dhe pse po zhbën milionat e asistencës së huaj, të dhënë pa kursim për një polici jopartiake.

Nëse vërtet ministër i Brendëshëm është Bujar Nishani dhe jo ndonjë zv/drejtor, siç flitet lart e poshtë, le të respektohet linja e ministrit që e shprehu hapur dy ditë më parë dëshirën që policia e shtetit të ketë kompetencat e prokurorisë për hetimet. Pra Policia e qeverisë, të jetë edhe prokurori, ose ?vetë ali, vetë kadi?. Duke (mos) gënjyer veten.

Es reicht für eine Schlagzeile, denn die Spur führt in die sogenannte Durres Prominenz, einen vollkommen kriminellen primitiv Sauhaufen, der überall illegal baut und keine Gesetze und Kulur kennt und mit Vorsatz Alles ignoriert.

Geschrieben von lupo am 18.01.2012 um 23:11:


Sokol Kociu, Partia Demokratika, Salih Berisha, Dritan Dajti, Agron Kulicaj

ein uraltes Verbrecher Kartell, rund um den früheren Geheimdienst SHIK des Salih Berisha.

Die Super Gruppe des Sokol Kociu, wurde sowieso nur verhaftet, kurz nachdem Sokol Kociu, Interna aus Geheimdiensten Kreisen outete ! Nennen wir es Betriebs Unfall der Albaenr Mafia, welche sich Politiker nennt. Sokol Kociu, hätte nicht über den Mord an Azem Hajdari plaudern sollen, denn daran war Salih Berisha Leute beteiligt, und auch Fatos Klosi wusste vorweg Bescheid.


Das hat damals Sokol Kociu und seine Gruppe auffliegen lassen, weil es um Interna Politischer Morde ging.

Statement des Haupt Quartiers der Demokratischen Partei in Tirana am 6. Februar 2001, damals die Titel Story der Zeitung ?Koha Jone?

Tolles Statement, und man war ja auch mit dem Generalstaatsanwalt gut befreundet und feierte die 2000 Jahr Sylvester Nacht in Athen in einem Luxus Hotel.

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Dritan Dajti, gehörte direkt zur Super Familie der Hasani's, (Hasanbeliu), und der Tatort, ebenso sein Haus, war ja gegenüber dem Urhaus der Hasanbeliu Familie am Strand der Pista Ilyria, beim Hotel Florida süd und nord, liegt die Villa des "Ben" Hasani, am Hotel Florida.

Der Polizei Offizier Marenglen Muça in Durres wurde verhaftet, weil durch die Handy Verbindungs Beweise bewiesen ist, das er direkt für kriminelle Gangs wie den Polizisten Mörder Dritan Dajti arbeitete und Interne Polizei Informationen weiter gab!

Eines der ältesten Verbrecher Kartelle von Albanien, mit dem Gjoka Clan, ebenso i die höchste Polizei Spitze.

Ruckblick, rund um den Muca Clan, der von der Polizei Mafia dort als zuständiger Polizei Offizier eingesetzt wurde, ein altes Berisha System, was auch unter Fatos Nano und Ilir Meta schon gut funktionierte und vor 15 Jahren.

siehe auch Info mit TV Video!

Albanian Policeman Arrested for Aiding Fugitive
Tirana | 24 November 2009 |

Dritan Dajti
Dritan Dajti
Albanian prosecutors on Monday arrested a police officer suspected of aiding a notorious convicted murderer, accused of killing four agents during his recent arrest.

Maringlen Muca, was arrested on Thursday by Prosecutors of the Serious Crimes office in Tirana, charged with aiding while on the run, Dritan Dajti, a gangster that had eluded arrest for six years after a daring courtroom escape. Muca has denied the charges in front of the prosecutor, saying he is innocent. .

Dajti was arrested on 2 August in the port town of Durres after a shootout that left four police officers and one of his accomplices dead.....

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