About Balkan Forum

Здравейте! Welcome to Balkan Forum I am Daria Ivkov a Bulgarian scientist living close to the Balkan mountains in Bulgaria (hence the name of this blog). I am fluent in Bulgarian and English, and I have chosen to write this blog in English to reach a larger audience about the importance of science and scientific curiosity!

As a female scientist, I know the difficulties that come with being taken seriously in the field of science and getting your ideas across to a male-dominated field, but I can also say that is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I was a geek at school and always loved science classes, so my life has pretty much always been committed to science, and since I got my Ph.D. life has just been a series of amazing discoveries and exciting days at work. I love my job and I really want people to see the beauty that there is within science, so that we can have more and more people exploring the world and trying to improve the quality of life for both us and the environment.

Main Blog Topics:

Laboratories – This is something that many people are interested in, what is it really like inside a real-life science lab? I will be talking about lab safety and the equipment we use, as well as a bunch of other cool facts about being inside a laboratory.

Environment – I don’t think I need to tell any of you how important it is to look after the environment. I will be discussing ways we can try to stop global warming, how we can protect the environment as well as some amazing facts that you never knew before!

The Forum:

The whole point of this being a forum is that I want everyone to discuss various scientific topics and facts and share their own experiences with science. Even if you are not interested in science this page should still be good for you because there will be some lighthearted facts that you might find interesting about the world, I often find that if you label something as science then people’s brains switch off but if you were to just simply say the facts then people would be super interested!

So get ready for a scientific rollercoaster and enjoy the ride!